What Our Clients Say…


You are a Brilliant Mixer. It was my great pleasure to work with you on this film. Thank you for all your hard work and incredible talent.”

Sam Raimi, Director “Drag Me To Hell”


Thanks for making everything sound so good, real and exciting. And you did it Fast

George Tillman Jr., Director “Faster”

“Sound is 50% of a movie,” Raimi says. “The audience is not aware of how much they’re affected by sound. A rough cut is so much worse than a finished film, after fine-tuning the editing and sound effects: dimensionality, continuation of characters, how dialogue is communicated through space. You step into a big close-up, start in the center speaker quietly with some echo in it, move left and right with a little sound, you’re then filling the theater with a statement as the music swells. You have a moment!”

— Sam Raimi – Variety March 16,2009

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